Worthy - we are worthy of the light
of living love.  For here, within
the darkness of the night, the depth
of soul becomes the whole of us.
It never was a matter of their trust.

Truth waits, in layers, moving through the flesh.
The core begets the bliss of all that is.
The center of this earthen majesty -
for too long lost within a feel
of human misery.

There is a sense of deity and majesty.
Manmade hierarchy cannot endure
without the harmony.
The love of life lies deep within
the heart of galaxies that spin
forever through infinity.

While there within that very human
essence of perception,
the universe seems alien at first.
Little eyes awakening
to all that seems too bright
within the dawning of their dreams.

To them, each passage of a night
becomes the great awakening.
They didn't wish to know
of all the sorrow they'd impose
upon the hope of love and life
they were creating.

And so they slept the little sleep
that never dreamt of healing.
Even as the earth itself, engendered
them with spirit of the whole...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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