Gloomy Days

Another gloomy day in grand L.A.
People prancing, gold-lit smog.
A feeling that it's all gone wrong
permeates the blistered air they breathe.
Chemical enhancements could not
bring them a reprieve. Time moved
on and spun around another kind of death.

Stormy skies and Midwest sighs.
The grief had settled all too heavily.
Heartland of their freedom's home.
River valleys, crowds of lone
and lonely people seeking desperately
for something more. Looking for
a golden shore that they might call
their own.

Southern heat, the passion pealed away.
The powers of those open spaces
could not hold the grace they used to feel.
Bonded and imprisoned in those roles
that weren't real. Play the game, then
seek the songs. The feeling of belonging
is long gone.

Dark of night, a breeze of East.
Tingling, a fleeting sense of past.
Torch in hand, the lady stands so tall.
Yet at the base, the politics they learned
to play so well, have turned her world
into a living hell. Lost spirits of the
terror's victims, screaming in the wind.

Another day.
The gloom won't fade away...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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