God Bless Us All

Distortions of love
and the blind of belief.
Scarcely understanding
that we're living with a thief.

Duty demanding another great feat.
Thoughtforms arising that duly defeat
all the efforts to love and be loved
by an other for real.

Families commanding a better lifestyle.
Using the power of whim and of wile.
Insisting they are innocent.
Concealing their murderous intent.

Users and abusers that expand
upon the tale. History repeating
in the larger outside world.
As consistently, the images
are screened without the means
of better sense. It's all about
the dollars and the cents.

So our parents were taught,
and now so we are bound.
The negatives not given
any chance to turn around.

Desperate oaths sworn on an altar.
Separate lives that shiver, falter
on the brink of distant chasms
waiting to break in. They never
even tried to make amends.

It's such a modern day,
they use it up and then
they throw it all away.
Not noticing the difference
that the piles of garbage make.
Not even when the garbage
starts to ooze back out of them.

Denial, coded words for all their lies.
Pretending that they never knew the wise.
Outdistancing the others as they hide
under their covers of supposed decency.
Looking up, they aim to please.
While looking in, they find only disease.

Down and out. Depressed and medicated.
Pondering the problems of their aging.
Searching for the meaning.
Finding only emptiness.
God bless us all,
America's a mess...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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