Have You...?

Have you ever seen yourself as someone else...?
The way an other might imagine you to be.
And found the self you thought you knew
vanished from that realm of sudden knowing.
Labels are hung, and images made to impinge.
The world starts to spin inside your head.
While all that you once thought yourself to be
seems somehow dead.

Invisible, the virus that attacks so many hearts.
Uncaring in a cold and ever growing
wave of cruelty - altering the darkness
of their flesh in deep, unbound vibrations.
Feelings powering intent - to bleed them dry.
For death no longer matters when
their minds are flying high.

The why had never dawned on them, somehow.
As in their mortal minds, the great
machines they had created,
began outliving all of them, for real.
Forced belief to intermesh with everything that is.
While subjectively, they never really made
the world spin. And everything that wasn't them
became no more than just another
object in their mind.
But insistently, their separations reigned.

Intellects and egos swelled. Idols formed
of manmade images that fought to dwell
within the greatest sacristy of all. Grace,
oh grace, the truth could not be gleaned
in their unthinking potioned drinks of fantasy.
There was a place where pure emotion lived.
Another world, beyond the mists, was opening
itself to them. Would they find the courage yet
to live it on...? No more, the battlefields of yore.
Rather now, a peace that feels quite natural
in depths of its appeal.

Where rising passion once was spent
in virginal attempts to hold the power
of creation in their hands -
as lightning rent the heavens of the skies -
now maturity was blossoming, unsought
and still unasked. And here the many labels
were unbearable. For what could be more
natural than wisdom born of age within
the realms of life's experience...?
Observing now, the stages that they somehow
left behind. Now feeling was the task at hand.
So few survived to take a stand in this.
Their strength was changing,
throwing them off balance.

Awakening, the morn seemed dim.
As if the fog had reeled in the brightness
of the sun - too strong for mortal eyes
to see within. Within them, they yet knew
that they were one - and yet somehow,
their consciousness expanded in a string
of living moments - more than now, and less
than then, they moved them from within.
Noticing the strangest things, as modern times
of make-believe, moved on without them there.
Electric sparks that never let the dark bring
on the sleep of love once dreamt.
Yet still, there was an errant memory -
surviving in their cells. A memory
of happiness that once indwelled in them.

It never could be figured out -
in numbers or in angered shouts.
There was a place they knew
as just their own. Where contemplation
led them to the essence of their home.
Past the magic mists of time's endurance.
Far beyond the shores where those
unending waves advanced. Deep
within the evermore itself.

Where He and She could love
in every touch of hand to hand.
And lips would never quite demand
surrender. He saw her, once again,
in his mind's eye. And felt the ever-
opening of winds that swept the
cloudy skies away. Cool rush of
molten heat made life complete.
No matter all the many matters
focused in his mind.

Chemicals intrusions. Doctors and
infusions. Surgery, attempting yet again
to change the essence of their souls.
Fear expounded instantly, by news.
While still, that great, expanding whole
was beckoning to them. Come back to me,
the Earth, their Mother, whispered once again.
Do not forget the roots of mortal men.
Settle, yet once more, in loving arms.

The loops, once too entwined within their minds,
are altering. There never was a difference, don't
you see...? The harmony is found in unity -
not escalation of their mental strategies.
For surely by now, you have seen yourself
as so many others do. And know there is a spark
of truth in all the ways they look at you, at core.
The memories are fading yet expanding in an
ever-blind insistence that we find the truth again.
Even as we see the self that we once thought
we knew within a vision fading into nothing
there at all. For the labels were hung,
and too many others' images made to impinge -
right there, within your head and heart and flesh.

The world starts to spin inside your head.
While all that you once thought yourself to be
seems somehow dead. And so much more
than just another crisis of identity begins to live
itself in you. For you can find no end
to the denominations stipulated then.
Nor can you find a point of peace - that center
that you used to know so well. For something
in outer world, entered all too deeply,
into you. And no matter what you say
and do today, you can no longer find a way
to make it change at all. For a force-field,
now enchanted by a different generation,
is wishing you away, with all the power
that their neediness can find...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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