Hospice Care

The time for healing is over.
Acceptance is the only option left.
The living of their death is now decreed.
Time moves into the feelings of an utter hopelessness.
While the patient sleeps within a newborn dream.
On the side, their loved ones tend to scream
themselves to sleep at night, for the extension
born of quality they can't provide to them.

Growing old and world weary,
consciousness evolves in unknown ways.
The theater's been closed and plays
no longer written for a cast.
They grasp for myths' beginnings
as they reach into the ending of so much.
A loving touch just brings more pain;
for they are shrinking deep inside themselves,
seeking for another way to go.

And that's okay. It's necessary.
Nature moves within each mystery.
Gradual withdrawal eases fear.
The shock is there, to ease their way
into another phase of evolution.
Beliefs decay, the truth is reaching in.
Their will-to-be no longer seems a friend.

Drifting comes to seem the very best.
Catching yet another dream of past.
Where happiness was found and lost again.
Reaching deeper still, beneath the myth.
An angel waiting, like a cloud adrift
within the clarity of sky.

One last breath, the body dies forever.
Yet somehow love begins it all again.
Utter grief and endless tears.
A peek behind the veil.
Then sailing on the silver seas again.
Just care enough to be there for them then...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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