In Irony

Adam still believed that Eve
was separate from himself.
The birth of evil strained the pain.
The borders were annulled.

He screamed, just as the pressure
came to him. Pausing in a gasp,
the past became his reckoning.
A child was born, but never
quite accepted.

His family games could never tame
their individuality. Love would only
come in vagrant moments when
his shields were all let down.

A thought that made him frown
was building power in an elegant appeal.
Haunted - he denied that it was real.
Memories of days lived in the light.

Bright, the sun on snow that showed
a destiny that played with happiness.
Vision swept, completely unaware.
Back into the eyes that held him dear.

Blindly grasping hands that disappeared.
She needed him to be for real right now.
He cowered in a corner chair.
Hearth's fire kept him warm.

Invisible, the feel of ice
crept deep into his veins.
How could it ever
be the same again...?

Morning dawned amid a storm.
The vagrant repetitions came again.
Indescribable, the loss had drawn too near.
Rivers running from his eyes,
His love so very far away.

Words displayed in cryptic electricity.
Sizzling, the script he had retrieved.
Moments of experience, reciprocal -
the feeling of it all.

And so the fall continued to go on.
Despite what warring rages had become.
Another glance, the chance was lost again.
The light still lived, yet blinded eyes
would never see it shine.

One glimpse and all the feelings
that had ever been divine,
divided him and never let him go...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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