Into Forever
(For My Mother)

Lie down and weep your tears into forever.
Oh ancient child, of ever joyous heart.
Who could have known the start
would bring you here...? To this vast
waste of darkened loneliness. Even after
all the emptiness that you filled full.

No grave could ever hold your soul.
For you, my love, have ever been the whole.
Mother Nature reaching out for yet one more
caress. Another tender kiss upon your brow.
Leading you at last to Evermore.

The Evermore of faerytales and fantasies.
A mist of spirit sweeping from the deepest seas
until they come to greet you on the golden shores.
Your prince was sleeping deep inside your heart.
Awakening is only just the start.
To feel the darkened core of light
will lead you, happily, back to your home.

Within a warmth of endless hours.
A glow outliving all their powers.
Ember sparked, your warmth
will e'er remain within their hearts.
One little light within the dark.
Rare hope of love - that leads
the cold of clarity back to the mists
of love's infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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