Into Infinity

Human minds, for too long balanced
on a brink of pure disaster. Changed
by changes willed by them into reality.
Raging, still engaged by all the lies of
chemistry. And history repeats itself again.

People blaming priests with so much
more than only blasphemy could hold.
Placing all their faith within beliefs of
scientific gain. Where hearts are banned;
thus all their plans are sorely lacking
in integrity.

Eerie quiet. Candles burning.
Incense in the air. Guilt and gold
all over the cathedral. No longer
does a deity reside within the walls.
Yet here, a quiet moment dares
to ever open out, within a mind
thought lost to impaled sanity.

Prayerful, beyond the need of wealth.
Sinking in and rising up again.
Following the path, turned to invisible,
of every candle's flame. A fluttering.
The dove of peace descends.

Seeking and believing in the scent
and sound and taste. Feeling deeper
than the skin they touch. Listening,
as if the faith they held within was
crying out again. And there,
an errant spirit reaches out.

Entrusted with a message in the middle
of their doubt. Whispering the sacrosanct,
in words that come from everywhere at once.
A touch, so light and tender,
finds the lonely child within.
The one that never could commit a sin.

A loved one's kiss upon the brow.
A nurturance that lives beyond
the vows of mortal men.
And She is there. More fair
than breezes of an early spring.
Becoming yet again, the offering.

There within the dark of night.
A flush of fear. A flash of light.
Mind opening into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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