Into the Depths

The Tao grieves through all their make-believe.
As the power of Her magic turned to grief.
Rape - the darkest feel of love that ever
was decreed by male gods. As if the feminine
were always something lesser. Leaving Her
to guess at his intentions. Socially, He even
blamed his games of politics on her, in shame.

Carved of stone, the Sphinx beheld
the cold and darker currents of their
nights alight with nothing more than schemes.
The questions and the answers left,
forever unredeemed. Instincts,
shrunken down in size, became defined
as wisdom by those men who always feared
mortality within eternity.

For they never felt the starlit breeze
sweep joyously into the depths of them.
Hiding there, behind locked doors,
while desiring an Evermore within
their lover's arms. Blind pretense
shadowing their living forms.
Their calculated actions seeking
multiples of factions to forsake
and thus control the most of them.
The feel of whole left only as a distance
in their systems of those rational, and yet
insane beliefs.

While far away and long ago, within the innocence
that each of them once lived in youthful ways,
a tiny child cried into the night of all the days
that lived within their shady attitudes. The mood
was set so deeply in their chosen realms of ignorance.
Confusion spanned the bridges of their links.
They ran away too often, just to think of something else.
Abandoning the depth of love found only in relationship.
Abusing every heritage of love and family.
Democracy no longer came for free.

Black holes within the faulty atmosphere
that they created, sucked their best into
some other realm. It's still unknown
if any one of them will ever find the courage
spent by women in each birth. They suck Her
dry, then cry for yet more milk. Endeavoring
to rise above the crowd, they sink into a marshland
of their ever-morbid marriage vows. Enter in again -
the double standard that their ever, awful intellects
deceive them to depend upon.

And so She seeks again, the other side
of all those gross decrees of push and shove.
Buried under covers warm, the glow of intuition is reborn.
Hiding from the outer world, She seeks and finds
the truth that they deny. Goddess of each form
of life, She seeks to turn the tide yet once again.
Yet now, within this day and age, She finds
the feeling of amends has come to be no more
than just another given lie from them.
Lying in the chasm of divisionary lines.
Floating o'er the chasms that they never dared explore.
Yet still, there was a something more to find.

She chose to tow a line much different
from his chosen kind. Blindly reaching
deeper into every feel of love.
Slowly learning their responses never filled
a night of passionately growing tendencies.
When rising high, they somehow seemed to follow.
And so She chose to sink into the depths
yet once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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