Into Understanding

The midnight hour. The time is ripe.
The dark moon rising full into the sky.
A moment's magic, altering their view.
Heart of love. The intellect asleep.
Rising deeper into understanding.

Here, beyond reality's demanding.
There, in silence sheltered from their cries.
Everywhere, the nothingness evolves another step.
No will could stop the power building.
There was no judge could name it guilty.

The gods still warred, internally.
The mist had grown too thin.
Mortal minds had inched their way within.
Then lost themselves within the powers' squall.
Imagining they could control it all.

A heartfelt sigh. She watched it start again.
Maneuvers and tired tactics without end.
The Goddess reached beyond the rage
too often blamed on Her, the feminine.
Perhaps the time had come to pass at last.

That time of dread and agony.
The birthing of Her progeny.
No man would ever know her suffering.
And yet She'd promised human life
this one last offering.

For Her, it was no sacrifice.
To face the life indwelling.
Even when those mortal men
proclaimed their sick superiority.
Still, She held the feel of ecstasy.

And noted all the fear within their beings.
She'd always had a different way of seeing.
Cycles came and went, while She survived.
The nuance of Her actions unsurmised
by those who wished Her any ill.

Still and quiet, centered in the force of all creation;
She meditated yet another way to man's salvation.
For surely, all they'd chosen was another death
instead of all the love of life eternally evolving.
She disallowed them their projections then.

For here, in this millennium, the balance
became all. For long and long, She'd known
their concepts of mere good and evil spawned
destruction in the battles that kept drawing them all on.
While each supposed victory,
attained another raw catastrophe.

The time had come. Imagined chaos entered in.
Forever sworn to follow where She led.
Staid and dying order wept within its awesome wake.
The young and free awakened in Her depths
of swirling creativity. Ideals once again swarmed free.

At last, this midnight hour came.
Time misplaced, the feelings ripe.
A dark moon rising full into the sky.
One moment of pure magic, as the old
became another alteration in the view
of all that is and might yet be.

Heart of love. The intellect asleep.
Rising deeper into understanding....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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