Into You

The fantasy is opening.
Your dreams are coming true.
Yet still, your past is lying
under cover of the shadows,
that are whispering to you.

As a feeling that there's something
not quite night begins to keep
you wide awake all through the night.
You tell yourself it's something that you ate.
Yet still, you fall into the fated moves
of losing sleep again. Your stream
of consciousness is dimmed
by your exposure to the concept
of an other, alienated outer world -
within the limited, yet real
consensus of your group's mentality.

But life seems brighter every time
they're near. Yet their hints of happiness
put all together in a bundle, still cannot
measure up to the beliefs of the reality
that only they consider real.
The lies begin to show themselves -
too often to ignore. You still want
more of them, and yet you think
that you can change the whirl and spin
of every aspect of the life they chose for
you to live with them.

Even then, the love is losing hold.
For the fantasy is opening in you.
Your dreams were coming true.
Yet still, the past is lying under cover,
whispering the meaning into you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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