Into Yourself

And it comes to a point where you realize
your destiny was never theirs to choose.
It didn't matter, all the rules and forms.
High and low had scattered all the norms.

Virtual, the in between was empty.
Heady thoughts that weren't real.
Scandalized by what they thought they knew.
Feelings taking over anyway.

The babe of age began to drool.
Its fits of temper over due.
Wrath spent within the aftermath
of pain. It all had changed.

And no one ever told them why.
Mesmerized by ancient lullabies.
Systems complicating everything.
Extravagant machinery that never learned to sing.

What did all that matter anyway?
Chores erased, replaced
by maintenance. Computer chips
that hastened their descent.

Masters of hypocrisy, the experts
of enchantment and deceit.
Blind, the eyes that never dared
to see the other side of their achievements.

Children lost within their twilight zone.
Memories that never brought them home.
Exacerbated deeds that made them bleed,
deep inside where hearts were made to need.

Their pleasantries could not replace
the love of just one smiling face
that recognized the worth of love in life.
Extraordinary caring can't be charged.

So seldom found within the world at large.
Close your eyes and find sleep sweet.
Your dreams will stay awake
and take you back into your heart
and soul again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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