It Swells Within

Monstrosities created by their living intellects
Spells woven into minds too blind to feel.
Open up your hand and reach.
The skies will open up within your cells.

The logical has had its day and more.
Reason was a lonely, empty shore.
While intuition flies into the realms
of the invisible, with you.

There is art in relativity that never could
be captured in equations. Yours or mine,
the half and half. Seeking for a way to trap
the whole into just one or then, the other.

Indistinct, the numbers only capture
sales goals. Money, gold, a life that's
never free. Leading to an emptiness
that only is relieved by beauty speaking
deeply in one's heart and soul.

An angel takes you by the hand.
The flight more fun than Disney Land.
Arduous, the time left on your hands.
Ignoring yet another pull, the fools
that choose the grounded over
flying in eternal skies with thee.

Yet what will be is not insanity.
An opening exists, into the chaos
spied askance in every tome that
dares to speak of the unknown.
A tiny flame that quickly grows into infinity.
Hell could never stand the light of that.

Suspended in a realm of in between.
Look up and spy infinity.
Look down and take a spill.
Yet the looking seems to multiply inside.
Visions interacting on the tides of all that is.

I am. You are. The stars are singing
in a rhapsody. Countering the melody
within a feel of sky's infinity. Beyond
all science, love indwells. It swells
within each touch of you and I...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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