Just on the Other Side

A great-grandchild had been born.
Surely she had lived too long already.
She fought it in herself and yet
she always caved in to the social way.
Then take another handful of the pills
that kept her walking round her grave.

The skill of computation left her first.
And time refused to tell itself to her.
Names and dates seemed less and less
important. She loved it best when
those who'd left came back to spend
a little time with her. The icy moments
came with clarity. Chill up the spine
that almost felt divine.

Too many people told her she was dying.
Never said in words, but there, within
the sorrow passing from their eyes.
And the way they chose to stay away
too long. Christmas was coming.
She grasped at the thread. Wondering
just when she would no longer make it
out of bed at all.

Antiseptic nurses aides were constantly
companions to her now. At home again,
and yet somehow, it wasn't home at all.
Trying to complete the dreams at last.
Still hung up on the sorrows of the past.
Emotional control no longer chose the view
of life she thought she really ought to see.
As she kept plunging into yet another
alteration of reality.

Age-yellowed photographic frames.
Now more full than all her skin.
Reaching for another memory.
Flash of black light, pain of her disease.
In youth, she had believed that somehow
she would be the one to tame the world.
Looking back amid the growing old.
One last glance, a heartfelt sigh.
Sudden dancing in the skies.

The unknown wasn't frightening at all.
More like unto a fairy-tale ball.
As loved ones lost were found again,
just on the other side of life in time...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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