Led Him Back

Who was he now...?
Beneath his shroud of enemies.
A simple healing power, once
enhanced, that stole away within
the wake of all their wars. The doors
had all been shattered as the walls
were tumbling down. The king
was seen as just a clown these days.

While gods had drifted higher yet.
Untouchable, through distance.
And mind control had not evolved
that far. For still, their great emotions
rose and fell into reality. Unhinging
every plan that lived in greed.

An internet without the wires.
Drawing ever closer to the core.
Unseen, the airwaves came
to dream of them. Tuning in
without a radio or television.
Moving matter far beyond
their reach.

Humanity was sickening.
O'er centuries of overbearing lies.
The secrets of the spies had not
been kept. Circling the earth
within a million dollar jet,
could never make a deity
abide their human orders.

God was stern. A Goddess
raged within Him. He thought
sometimes, She must be alien.
Well practiced moves did not improve
the settling of wants that lived in him.
No matter concentration of the zen.

He was a man. Not too far akin
from grains of sand upon the shore.
No matter how he yearned to be
much more. Creator - yes, he even
wanted this. Yet no matter how he strove,
the bliss was ever out of reach. For
the teacher and the student must be one.

A lesson broken early on in life.
And so he'd taken on the strife
of everyday, as if to say, that he alone
could conquer all the rest. It was the
only way a real man could ingest
the suffering without the feeling.
As great sensations rose within
his constant falling down.

He'd taken every dare.
And yet he couldn't stand the stare -
written in the looks she gave to him.
For he knew that he could not attain
perfection. What less could ever
serve to keep her there...? Into forever,
just one pair of eyes would haunt
his everything.

Accusing him of living far beyond
his chosen means. The zero in the
balancing perplexed him endlessly.
While every plus and minus seemed
enveloping - as if he grew and shrank
in numbered rhyme. The memories
were haunting him in time. Digital,
the clock kept up. But somehow,
he was slipping far behind.

His heart and mind remained concentric.
Fourfold mired the threesome that he craved.
There was a five up in the sky.
He'd never dared to tackle its ascent.
Instead he chose to live the rudiments
yet one more time. As if the thrills of youth
might be recaptured. Sensational - the blaze
of paper haze within the pit.

Reaching high, yet sinking ever further
into depths that he once thought he had
achieved and overcome. Yet now, it seemed
as if the past were brimming over into every
future sworn. While all the dreams that came
so close to being born again, even as his mid-life
entered in, were dying just as sure as was his form.

And the love that he'd forsworn was dancing -
dangerously - just beyond his glance.
He'd held it close and then just threw it
all away. Not once, nor twice, nor thrice.
Oh no, he'd paid the devil well. But still,
the swelling waves of apathy would have
their way. Included in the fine print.
All the subtle, induced movement.
He knew he could have found a better way.

Who was he now...?
Not much at all.
Another drop of water
caught within a raging river.
That led him back into the
waves of oceans - overpowering.
Even as the sea absorbed it all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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