Let the Tears

Too full, the empty spaces in our lives.
Let the tears come, flowing down the faces
increased by the meaningless of these, our
modern times. A torrent growing greater
with each loss. A human voice can keen
the grief away amid a song of heartfelt sobbing.

Too much, too brief, the time spent
contemplating roots of being. Remembering
a touch, so sweet and loving, that it must
have been our mother's touch somehow.
Just after birth, when worth was indisputably
complete. And relationship was cast into
the finest realm of all.

She never was to blame for anything.
Except perhaps, for loving long and well
and true. It's all too much - the games,
the blame again cast as a loss. As if
a win could e'er contain it all. Double bind
found in the double standards that too many
choose to live. Think it through, but never
dare to really feel the truth. That is the only
creed they dare believe.

As they gather all their riches in a cave,
high upon a peak of earth's existence.
Like a dragon then, they sleep their lives
away. Moving only in enduring rhythms
that can cast the actors for another run
of just the same old play. Eternity is lost
within their shame.

Glow of gold. The silver shimmering.
The morning dawns amid another dream.
Jeweled dewdrops melting in the sun.
Infinity forever being spun.
Beyond the repetitions meant
to make them run again.

Too full, the empty spaces in our lives.
Blinding glare of light into the eyes.
Not asleep, yet never quite awake.
Movement mid the little patterns;
never quite enough to make a difference.
Let the tears bear witness to their lies...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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