Life's Meaning

Wandering within the valleys
captured by an overwhelming,
sensate feel of all their gathered fear.
Biased by a great conglomerate.
A sense of hope began to integrate
itself into the loss they had perceived
as unrelieved.

A glow began on planes beyond
the power of mortal man.
Mass-mindedness had flown the coop,
at last. Soul became the memory
of all the happiness they once had lived.

Experience - the jolt of lightning's blast.
At last forgiven, all the wrong of past
hypocrisies. To bleed was not the ending
of all life. The fear began to lose its hold.
The heart became that bold.

Rebellion gained from their hypocrisy,
stole into all the valleys of their need.
Suddenly - awakening took hold.
Tomorrow known within the dawn
of innocence refusing to be wronged.

Born amid the in-between, the right of all
the wrong demanded that it must be seen.
And thus, the opening created,
crept into the crevasses they held.
The heat of that eternal fire would weld
the right into the wrong and back
into their lives, somehow, again.

Statistics lacked the feeling of pure bliss.
Yet here, within this endless kiss
of magic-in-the-making,
the feel of joy became the only thing
that ever knew life's meaning...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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