Life's Survival

Youth that grows within a stream
of all of life's survival. At times, the sky
brings boundless dreams, so real.
Age and time lost in an endless rhyme.
Within the courage of each heart
that dares surrendering.

The numbers never mattered much at all.
Rising in an endless fall that never found
the balance. How often have the loving themes
of heart disrupted their unfeeling schemes.
Prosperity is so much more than gold.
To reach, to touch, to have and hold -
means nothing much, alone within it at all.

They rose and then they had to take the fall.
They never could control the x or y
of their equations. Once upon a time,
they made love real. Now, their feel
of stress was forced to intermesh within
each loving touch. It just can't mean
as much, when held that way.

Oh how their children scorned the way
they came to treasure all that paper wealth.
As if it could make up for their lost youth.
But there, within the eyes of innocence,
the truth lived on and on. Rebellious
unto death. The aging, that refused to die.
The lies within their cunning alibis.

Fame and fortune winning for the moment.
But oh, the price they had to pay
for all the false proponents.
Clarity can bring such pain
into these mortal forms.
To see yourself within the eyes
of others rarely ever forms itself
into the image that you thought
you had created.

And still, that mighty need of love
has never been abated. Lingering
within the realm of touch. Coming
to a head in moments that are fleeting,
yet can mean so much to all of us.
Conception of our lives can bleed
the heart and mind and soul into
a state that seeks forever
in its metamorphosis.

For there, before your eyes, lies youth
that grows within a stream of love's survival.
At times, the sky brings boundless dreams, so real.
As age and time get lost again, within the endless
rhyme of rhythms found in repetition..
Dwelling at the core of every particle of flesh.
Within the courage and encouragement
of every heart that dares surrender all
of life into the beating of one endless heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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