Love in Motion

Emotions at the center of each word.
Exuberant, they traveled o'er the world.
Death-defying energy that never would
give in. The galaxies kept spinning
to the tune of love in motion.

Cells of flesh invigorated.
Harvesting the great illusions.
Making them so real.
He held her in his arms,
and then the feel of life in motion
turned itself into a potion of the heart.

Passion rose into a higher level.
Intellect could not appease the search
for hidden treasures. Golden light
that couldn't quite be touched.
A moonbeam struck the air
and quivered deep inside of them.

Enchantment born of dreams
enveloped in the flow living streams.
There, even the pause was quite complete.
Mysteries unraveling in unity.
The spell of their romance
began to dance within the spin
of love beheld - as if akin
to every particle of life in motion.

Deep the sleep, and sweet the dreams.
The meaning of awakening -
to touch the bliss that only love
could bring...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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