More than Mystery

Meant-to-be means more than mystery.
Voices ringing in their heads,
that spoke of only history.
When suddenly, and echo spoke
from depths that re-awoke
an ancient wisdom.

Their chemistry could not repeat
the miracles of life and love and birth.
A sacristy, in sacred precincts held.
Unreasoning, the truth is there, unveiled.
Beyond a thought or feel of great emotion.
An awesome sweep of skills into devotion.

Divisionary tactics brought the bits and pieces nigh.
While all their lives, divinity had reigned from up on high.
Veiled in their mists of misconceptions.
Removed from all the battles of their tension.
Functioning to keep the whole intact.

They lacked the means of allocution then.
Swords cutting down the very best of friends.
Stinging words, misplaced in their confusion.
An angel's healing sent as an infusion
of the love they always needed there.

He looked upon her withered face,
and felt again the feel of utter grace.
Mother-love, expanding in his view.
A feeling that he'd lost, or never knew
enough to find her love within himself.
Tired of the stealth, he opened out.
Beginning to believe that he might start
to live it all again, for real.

But the battle hounds were on the path again.
Running long and hard within the rain.
Thunder crashed. His soul was smashed again.
Yet he still felt her in the gentle fall of rain.
Mesmerized, he ran away from pain -
created when he wished that she remain
apart from him...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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