Morning Dawned

The morning dawned within them then -
even as their lives were withering.
Only just a part of them would ever
really know eternal being.

And once again, the urge to call
them friend was rising up. Equalized,
yet near to some extinction -
one more time, it whispered very near.
Cutting through the awful fear
of ever all alone.

A feel that no immortal ever knew.
She fell again, into the looking glass.
This time, the mirror found a way
to just look back at her.

One amid the great, uncounted numbers.
Traveling at lightning speed while lying
still at rest. So much more, yet less, than
any other grain of sand upon the shores
that spanned infinity's horizon.

Innumerable, the moments of experience.
The rules were never set in stone in her.
The lightning cast another great illusion.
Light and dark - together formed
another great enlightening.

To view the world from those unending
angles cut into it by obsession. Believe
in death, and death will find you there.
Yet, for just a moment out of time,
the soaring of the angels' voices
chimed a great forgiveness into
all they knew as life.

Hearts were opening again.
No reasoned scheme could ever make it so.
It almost seemed as if the love
were breathing itself into them,
and beating all their hearts.

For soon or late, all fear abates.
Life's beauty takes it over in abandon.
There is no vagrant other to be blamed
for all the choices that we made.
In the realm of real choices,
the numbers are faded. There is no
way of figuring what lies invisibly
within our souls.

Analysis of manmade minds is blind.
Destiny lies waiting, even as those others
try again to bind us unto them.
Ancient into modern - living now.
Following the path that's always
forking round a bend.

Believe it all. The good and bad
and all that lies between. The web
is spun of so much more than just
the color green. Feel it washing through
you to the core and back again.
It doesn't matter, any titled name.

The powerful have never got it right.
Creating nightmares in the darkest night.
Clinging to some great ideal that never
found a way to live within reality.
But what is real...? If not the feel
of love in motion. Living far beyond
the edge of ending.

When all of life is born again,
in every new beginning.
The morning dawned
within them then, in love.
That feel of life that lives
itself beyond eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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