Moves Through You

Social pressures, competition.
See the Jones' get new fences.
High security to ease their fear.
Buy it as you throw away
the toys you bought the other day.

Mass production, all the same.
Cloned images within the games.
They are what they do, for they
never took the time and space
to seek for something more.

Migraines now named tension headaches.
Pills galore to kill the breaking pain
of all they really feel so deep inside.
Unrequitted, all the blame is passed
to yet another.

A mother or a father - a teacher or a sponsor.
A brother or a sister or a lover.
Set it free and watch it boomerang.
Hitting you upside your aching head.

Social pressures, competition.
Leading to a great depression.
For everyone would have you
be like them. Feel their worlds
spinning round inside of you
each time you go to bed.

Exhaustion into restlessness.
Giving more, receiving less.
You know you can't go on that way
much longer. How was it that you
felt so strong in youth...?

Seek again to just abide
as all the pressures move inside.
Wonder how the others seem
to fare. Recognize the masks
that they wear too.

Close your eyes and float along.
Letting go the living throng
of others that have filled your life
too full. Don't worry about all their
dire news.

Settle there, inside yourself.
Find a point where spirit's wealth
begins to flow within you once again.
Let go of all the pleasure and the pain.
The universe will see you through
just there - within the living hues
of you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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