My Name Is Age

The quiet doesn't help, while all the noise drives me insane.
People wanting something, though they never knew my name.
Give me this! I'm taking that! So tired of the ageless crap.
Push and pull and whirl around.
Lightning comes from underground.
Splitting, seizing - burn to seal.
All the goodness given seems surreal.
I thought I heard a world-weary angel sigh on high.
I wished and prayed that some sweet love was nigh.
Alas, my shoulders shuddering, the night moved in again.
For all that I had earned, there wasn't anything to spend.
They purged me of my strength
by what they called their gratitude.
Then left me here to feel their awful moods.
Signed and sealed. Yet to be delivered.
In warmth of sunshine all I do is wither.
The past keeps playing over in my head.
It doesn't change. I might as well be dead.
They pump me full of pills that make me
nothing more than ill. I can no longer find
the will to speak the truth to them.
The willow wept. I tried to bend.
The lightning hit. The pain remained.
I do believe I'll finally let it go.
This life of loveless laughter
that betrothed me to a monster.
High was high. They held me low.
Esteem must always be home grown.
No longer do I have a home, oh no.
My children sold it out from under me.
This semi-private room is haunting me.
Demons in the shadows of the afterglow
of one life lived for love instead of gain.
Distrusted, for the others had been
trained in other ways - of mind control.
My name is age, my heart is aching.
Still I find I can't quite let it go...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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