Need to Say

Short, concise, and businesslike.
They waste their lives away.
Never voicing all the things
they really need to say.

A tremble and a cry,
the sky responds to their great feel
of misery. Extending their vacation
cannot change the course
of human history.

The will to power rises as the love
within their eyes begins to fall.
The tallest buildings melt into
the walls of their superiority.

Echoing, the cries of all their
dying innocence, envelope
them in mists of growing gray.
The sun can't shine through
all the pain and hopelessness
they feel.

And yet, to them, emotions
aren't real. They trained
their minds in military fashion.
Straight and tall, they never bend
within the stormy wall of falling rain.

Projecting all their sins unto
the ones that they think weak.
Stealing ego's pride from those
more humble and more meek.

Empowered by their bitterness,
they use the force of shadows
hiding deep within their souls
to conquer and to slowly kill
the life of all that drifts within
the depths of their unknowingness.

Manmade, the irony expands
deep into the hinterlands of home.
Bells ringing in the background,
seeking imminence within
the great unknown. Subliminal,
the taste and texture melt
into their lives.

Mesmerized, the lies will settle in.
Sinking into cells of flesh that
all their consciousness is based upon.
As short, concise, and businesslike,
they waste their lives away.
Refusing still, to voice the many
things they need to say...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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