Never Dared

Heaven obscured by damnation.
The fires of hell held in ice.
Until some great precision
chose to slice the layers away.
Unheeded, all the screams of agony.
She came, the gush a bright, arterial red.
He never wished to know the person
lying in his bed against his will.
Even as she cast her spell, and
drained him of his strength.

Miasma flowed within a tainted stream.
Beware, the ones that still deny
the essence of the dreams they
never quite seem to remember.
The cool of a September blowing
through them in July. No matter
their denial, each of them would
have to die.

Intellect - weak link that sought survival.
It never dared to get to know its rival.
Speeding up, then growing tame.
As if the magic had grown lame.
Its power altered, seizing all the hope
that once had lived before the constant
automation turned it all into a steamy calculation.
Hearts fluttering, but not in jubilation.
Palpitations reaching yet another scent of death.
Excitation taken out of bounds.
Turning into bonds of separation.
Where once they'd love, they only
just ignored their other now.
Silently, their scheming turned to
screaming in the early morning hours.
Nightmares pounding deep into the soil
they once nurtured into flowers.

Reaching for the jewels of the spoiled.
The carcass splayed in open agony.
The muscles burning o'er the fire.
Sacrificed, the life they claimed
to hold so very dear within the limits
of an ego that would never become sane.
Lying there, behind the burning bush.
Feeling all the hatred of the rushes
that concealed another babe, betrayed
by parents and heredity.

Askance, an agony that seemed to build
itself into their cells of flesh. Cancerous
they named it, as they blamed some other
species for their pain and agony. Clinging
to the scales of chemistry - altered so, that
they forgot the names they used to know.
Even their own. Scribbles scratched into
an ancient stone. Hope abiding in the old,
no longer sacrosanct. Don't listen to
their ramblings, or else you might just
feel that evil taint of destiny.

You and me. Once lovers, now no more
than enemies. What happened to produce
this change in we...? A happenstance.
A dance that wore you thinner still
in hopes of something more. The ecstasy
once promised turned into an emptiness -
the great catastrophe. Believing that
you ruled supreme, while all your borders
burned. Ashen images that never quite
arose from in the dust. God or Goddess...?
Yours or mine...? Denying that all life
must intertwine.

Feeding on the fear that you created.
Basking in the final masturbation.
A pregnancy. The devil's seeds
have spawned themselves again.
As a newborn age of darkness came
replacing all you could have come to be.
For there, within the labyrinth, you never
dared to walk. While the other side of goodness
chose, at just this moment, to arise and walk
within your being once again. So cold
and undefended from the wind...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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