Night Raid

Oozing into dreams beyond her nature.
Ready to attack as night skies fell.
Working hard, as if the right
became a shadowed swell
of untold pain in repetition.

Illusion of a sound, the fear began.
Unseeing eyes that felt around the bend.
Instinct rising past the walls
that almost lost it all.

The razor's edge, so high above the canyon.
Cutting stone, defying comforts held
within a world that never stood a chance
within the heaving swell of dark's intent.

Tension building. Pressure felt.
Demons rising from the fire's fit.
A pit of doom, expanding in its opening.
To know, yet never sense the touch of it.

Nightmare screams that held their dreams
of brighter days within the dark, unworthy
of the great ideals that never quite
held ground outside their schemes.

Split, their factions wandered into death.
The silence screamed into awakening.
A veil lifted. Visions sifting
into everything. And it was real.

Enemies attacking, and the feel
of woundedness. Oozing into dreams
that seeped into their waking days.
Towering, the bleak and empty
feeling of each heart withdrawn from love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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