Of Within

A 'one and only' budding in
the fantasies that spin
unconsciously in all
that they hold dear.
The blossoming of enigmatic fear.

Those men of men that try to conquer
all that lives within the far and near.
The wells of their denial grown
too strong within the uttered spells
of endless minds' belief.

And yet reality refused
their great disdain.
The opposites remained.
Screaming for a thread of truth
unraveling within the center
of the great duality of mind.

One God that hovers distantly,
at best. Blessed by all the
numbness that they feel.
The devil - always fast upon
his heels.

Yet still, a gnawing need existed.
It simply could not be denied.
For there, within the earthen mold,
the spirit of the whole will e'er abide.
Creating pain where all the truth
of loving still remains for minds
to fathom.

A gush of great emotion rose
within the swollen egos of the people
claiming power o'er humanity.
They rose too high to see themselves
within the truth of total harmony.

The beauty once perceived
within a larger view, lay in bits
and pieces - like their hearts.
The fear of all their prophecies
was ever self-created. Visions
of the end of life. Bitter,
the divisions that they made.

Blinded by the might of manmade power.
Electric currents sizzling their brains.
Counting down the hours to finality.
Fear of emptiness became
the taming of the never-ending
loneliness that dwelt so deep
within the folds of flesh they lived.

Moving back, the loops within
their systems could not chart
their future anymore than fate.
Dated, all the old and lonely love
that used to be. Refusing still,
the innocence that lived so deep
within their hearts and souls.

The whole had reached the end
of its forgiveness. Blight refracted
all the endless flooding of the spring.
Bleeding - but the feminine
would yet survive it all.

Those things they held so dear
were altering. Rich could never
reach the heights of nature's
great prosperity. For there,
the seeds of feeling still flowed free.

For still, a 'one and only' budded
in the fantasies that spun their lives anew.
There was a blossoming of enigmatic fear.
Hidden in the freedom they once sought.
The love was waiting still, within
the starlit attitudes of dreams made real.

For loving never lay within
a set of hands that only held
themselves to be the precious.
Rather, all eternity was meant to be
a gathering of love within them all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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