Once Upon

Steel guitars that played
themselves upon metallic
scales of melting ore.
One horn broke in.
The veil was thin.
A step to days of yore.
The violins began to mourn
the loss of beauty born,
as innocence began to dance
and waltzed right out the door.
The rhythm came,
a deep staccato plunge.
The bass guitar was weeping
like a sponge. The drums
were overflowing with a savage
anger rolling in the air.
While the saxophone and player
were still reaching for those
molten heights - divine.
What angel then would choose
to reach for hell o'er heaven's flight...?
And still the beat went on.
Metallic strings began to whine,
white hot and squealing
another rhythm without rhyme.
Solo voice - another choice.
Inside out. Blue velvet night.
Starlit hues of synchronicity.
Feeling yet again
the meant-to-be of harmony.
Poetry to ease the soul.
Gathering the pieces of what
once was known as whole.
Freaking out and breaking down,
then starting out again.
Remembering that
once upon a time,
you had a friend...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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