One Alone

Days of loneliness, unending.
Thoughts of love that leave you
high and dry. The nighttime sky -
so distant in its beauty.

There was a time
you used to meet her there.
When was it that your love
became abusive...?

Abstruse, the memories
no longer bring you
to the feel of all
her haunting moods
and melodies of love.

You reach for her again,
but only feel the pain
of loss she feels
within too many moments
lived without you being there.

You stare a lot these days.
Not really comprehending
any meaning in the ways
you chose and choose
to be these days.

While every pain you feel
extends itself, again and yet
again into her soul. Only
visual - the many memories
you chose to treasure.

Quick click and flash -
the mental photographs
had turned all yellow
round the edges. While
your monitor was glowing
through your eyes.

Essence waned so quickly
from the reels of mental film
you'd made of her. Mechanics
never made up for the feel
of love she used to bring
to you and you alone.

Hand extended o'er the phone,
but still you hesitate. What
could you say to her at this
late date? Right back into
the nothingness again.
Where one alone could
never find the gain of love
in motion's unity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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