One More Feel

Alone in his room, a child lies in stillness.
An invincible silence is calling his name.
Spirits moving in the night become
the only light that he can see.

Daylight comes, he rushes for the bus.
Passing assigned classes at his school.
Running back into his room - the silence
makes his realm invincible - or so it seems.

Hypnotic, his immersion in the void.
Where safety and a feel of strength abide.
Cold and damp, the air that creeps
into his chiseled features.

Sleep is not permitted, for the creatures
of the damned dwell in his dreams.
Yet something in his core of cells
was melting into endless bliss inside.

This must be the feeling father hides!
Lone wolf that never knew compassion.
Now released from mother's loving arms.
He didn't understand and yet he'd won
a way into his father's world.

Ancient in its power, and yet sad within
his eyes. Glory sought and found and
wrenched from those, the glowing skies
of mother's love. Theft achieved, yet still,
he roamed so free of her attachments.

Ah there, the void would still respond
to every childish need. Intellect
as cold as ice, that never cared to know.
The price exacted from its opposite.
Only twelve, and yet he knew
he'd found the one and only clue
he needed.

A switch of scenes. The young are
growing old. All the gold has lost its sheen.
Destruction rends the many dreams implanted
in his youth of innocence. At night, he sleeps
in fits that yearn for one more feel within reality.
Of mother's arms wrapped round him yet again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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