Strange and other-worldly,
a touch too alien. But still
some unknown purpose
would defend its right to be.

The flows were ever changing
in a greater sense of unity
than words had yet to come
to tell, within their deeper meaning.

The battles raged, between the two -
the intellect and that, their intuition.
Gut feelings keeping them awake,
so far into the night.

How would they read the message
that their flesh dared send to them...?
For love of heart is so much more
than what they called a passion.

And somehow their compassion
took a turn into the worst so long ago.
Powers rose, from spaces where
the darkness always dwelled.

And they gave in. Too many of
them, still uncountable. It mattered
not their gender or the gist of their
statistics that split hairs.

There was a feeling growing
through them now. Unpleasant,
yes. And the need of instinct
took the wheel from their hands.

While there, in the unchartered lands
of spirit brought to form, the warmth
that they denied burned brighter still.
Not ever found within their wishing wells.

Themes appeared, and movies played.
Messages, subliminal, would surely
have their way with all of them.
Yet still, abandoned by their human mores,
the god and goddess sought for something more.

As strange and other-worldly,
that touch, so alien, began to blend
itself into their soul. While still,
its unknown purpose
would defend its right to be.

Mystic marvel, soul to sky.
Still bent on all the reasons why
we are...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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