Pale Gray

Pale gray amid the white,
encompassing the darkness held inside -
tinged within by thoughts of ivory.
Yellowing, the jaundice of their
ever-aging lives.

The pain they feared become
the shade of death now drawing near.
Hovering, the terror that they felt
grew closer to the ultimate
within life's consummation.
Another variation of the theme.

Fire flaring - dust to dust.
The lust without the love
was bound within the golden sheens,
their mortal eyes agleam.
The treasures of their ancient books
no longer looked the same.

Scores of multiples that dwelled
within the modern telling
of the story of creation.
Edited and lost within - the meaning.
The fear translated into hate
that ran so deep, it seemed
too alien to be preserved.
It never could have been
a part of who they really were.

And yet it chimed within them still.
The terror and the chill that milled
so deep within their cells.
Words incised within the living
matrix of their minds.

Instinctively, their climb
to power halted.
It paused within the spin
of mind's unmaking. Prostrate,
all the wealthy lay in beds too
feather soft. Wandering into
the darkness lying there in them.

The memories appeared within
their dreams. Another gush.
A heartfelt rush of love.
Weaving through too many moments
of their minds' submission to
the darkness of each night.

The words of truth - for too long stuck
within the channels of their fear.
A subtle power, drawing near
was growing in the shadows
of a strength that never knew
of all their politics of fear
and degradation.

The power of the hours chimed.
Advancing just a bit.
Then falling back into the pit
of all that they had memorized.
Gaining sway within the breeze,
sweet memories that brought
the feel of sorrow back into their hearts.

Spoken with a smile, and yet
the grief of loss still haunted them
within their busy, waking hours.
Pale gray amid the white, encompassing
the darkness held inside -
tinged within by thoughts of ivory.

It felt as if they had to change, somehow.
Strange, the way the repetition conquered them
within the numbing moments of their now.
Actions based on fear attracted
terror of the worst into the real.
If only they would learn to really
feel themselves again.

Deep into the core of flesh
that blessed the life they claimed
to love. Instead, too many moments
spent in mind's deliberations,
hastened yet again the casting
of their manmade demons and
the building of their tombs.

While there, within her earthen womb,
another spark of grace became
the essence of the need of life and
all the feeling that they must reclaim.
Pale gray amid the white, encompassing
the darkness held inside - tinged within
by thoughts of yellowed ivory and age.

The jaundice of their lives was seen,
while all the wisdom known within,
became absorbed within their withering.
Another breath - the cost had been too great.
Exhaling, they drifted into death.
And found the life their intellects

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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