Reaching Out

Reaching out, she chose to love
the starry sky - small lights within
the deep of indigo - that fed her from above.
Undisturbed, the shadows dwelled
within her reveries. She never had
a need to just achieve some famous
moment that was written in their history
as just another token of their lies.

The system tried so hard to break her.
Lovers ran away in great distress.
They couldn't understand her happiness.
And so they tricked her and they teased
their way into the realms that held the seeds
of their unhappiness. Claiming yet again
to be a savior that could heal the world
(at her expense, it seems).

The memories had blurred within her mind,
of all the many times her trust had been
derided by another man. She stood alone again,
still gathering the love of fantasy. The only strength
that she had left, lay in daughter's heart.
Prince Charming was no more than just another
mama's boy, that played with her affections.
And his warriors made war within her soul.
The king had spent her innocence
on just another chest of golden ore.

Still, she dreamed of evermore with love.
Ancient magic, dwelling in her heart.
Slow but sure, his cure would enter in.
To cells of flesh that used to bless
the heart and soul of all that she felt real.
But men's wanderings became obscene.
For every prince she'd ever met was
plagued by his own narcissistic tendencies.

Their histories had never held the answers.
Imagination swam with living imagery ignored.
Imperiling their souls, they didn't wish
to grasp the whole of all they were.
It was no simple thing that she'd inherited.
Complex waves, invisible by sight of mortal eyes.
Entering the inner rings of life.

The gain and loss had cost too much.
True love was what they needed most of all.
What was it that impeded them today...?
Another task they chose to make important.
Portents that flew through their troubled minds.
Prophecy had never been her sport.
The variables were remained
unknown within their quantities.
Yet something worked within her mind
restoring all the fantasies of love to life
within their mortal times.

And reaching out, so very far
from the hands of any man,
she chose to love the starry sky -
the light within the deep of indigo.
It fed her from above with moments
of its cherished love. The rest was left
behind in puddles - of their merely
manmade history...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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