Sales Volume

No matter any lie you tell,
be sure to tell it with enthusiasm.
For what really matters is
your sales volume.

Lie for me, and I will see
that you receive your gold.
At least thirty pieces every time
your sales goals are met.

The cock has crowed.
Much more than thrice.
Betrayal is the basic
of a salesman's device.

Feel them out, then take them down.
The con-man seeks another round
of ease from all the competition
warring for their trade.

While women's lib has sunk down
deep into the watershed by now.
Skinny females, suntanned skin.
Hard and cold, just like the men.

Demanding love from only those
who live within the higher echelons
of that great waste they call
the wealth of what life is.

Notice then, the fizzle in the eyes
of those now named in juxtapose
as a success. Their emptiness
is haunting even you within their glare.

Cloned upon the lives of other liars.
Convincingly sincere from what you hear.
They shake your hand, extending warmth,
even as their hearts flee from their charms.

For they believe the idioms of marketing.
Numbers out of sync with all that is.
Subliminal, the messages received.
As yet another lie impinges in a troubled mind.

But they were taught and held
by such degrees. Mere paper maché
once redeemed from the garbage
of factories that bled the love
out of their dying lives.

Even the schools have changed.
They seek revenge.
Pistol whipped and then,
the final round.
And so they force themselves
to just believe. In histories
that never held emotion.
As hearts bleed out, beyond a doubt, for real.

For no matter any lie they tell,
they are sure to tell it with enthusiasm.
For all that really matters is another
increase in their sales volume...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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