Secret Selves

Savage and uncultured in their generosity.
Withholding soul from battles 'cross the sea.
Imagining the way it used to be.
A heritage of painful memories.
The lost has never found its liberty.

Uprooted by the wailing wind,
a tree that couldn't bend that far.
Its broken shell a token left behind.
Letting go and flying free again.
Spirit gliding in the twists of wind.
It couldn't be the mind that mattered now.

Saddled by the heavy weight
of gold and industry.
Strange, the things that coincide
in lives so intermeshed.
Invisible, the tides of heart flow on.

Lives get over-complicated by the twists
and turns of intellect and its divisionary
tactics. They are overcome by
great entanglements. Mind could
never rule the heart. The power of
the will would always wither.
Listen to the sizzle of the static energy.
Intermingled in their thoughts of best.

Ownership was never proof of anything at all.
When was it that they chose to claim
sweet love's obliteration...? Lost in their
abandonment of soul. Unspoken touch.
Their secret selves held so much yet untold...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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