So Far - The Moon

So far beyond, beneath, within the moon
There, in the very center of your heart -
such love, just waiting for a tone, a tune
to build a bridge between two separate realms.

For so long, it has seemed so out of reach.
Yet still the basics of true harmony can teach
another heart to find a way to love.
Endless skies absorbing and expanding
every feel of what has ever really been
most real.

This loving cannot be contained between
just one and two. It builds and flows and glows
within the moon. Enhanced by every endless
star that dares to shine within the seeming dark
of skies still painted in the luminous appeal of indigo.
Even as pure ebony expands itself again.
And ivory resounds within some tone
of great repentance and amends.

Misty gray that finds a single crystal.
Creation in a single ray of light.
Colors sprayed into another needy
stretch of atmosphere. We breathe.
Hearts beat. Steady and composed
within the greatest alterings. They
tend to mourn for all the magic, dying.
Believing it exists no more, then clinging
to some weary will long gone.

The veil that lies between the worlds
was never rent, but always has been open.
We humans seem to build the walls
that keep it separate. Magic left
that will not heed their sorcerous
connections. Alive and well,
the magic dwells within.

Within the moon, within the many
tunes of love unfolding and expanding.
Seeking to adorn the greatest meaning.
Shunned, alas, by all the endless
seeking for a something more that
ever would abhor its tenderness.

Unconditional, the great surrender.
Binding, every living memory.
Touched and touching.
Always once again imbued by
yet another hue of living color.
An ambiance created with an other.
Expanding to the otherness of all.

Rise and fall, its call is everlasting.
Listen for its whisper in the wind.
And then respond in kind.
For any less than everything
expels its magic into yet some
other heart, some other world.
And you, the exile. Never quite
belonging anywhere you travel to.

Surfing on the internet. Against all odds,
you're guided to the site of yet another
crazy poet. Zoomed into another tune
that speaks of endless love. But this time,
something's different after all. Insane,
there's this one poet that contains
a something more.

More than just another list of endless
bliss that no one ever lived. Somehow
this poet gathers up reality within a glow
of just one velvet glove. Gathering
in rhythm and in awkward rhyming
schemes, the very essence of the
best and worst of every dream of love.

Feelings altered. Great emotions spent.
Touching yet again, your innocence.
Intuiting, yet never really knowing
of the suffering that brought these words
to somehow be, a touch of the eternity
of love. So far away, we've gone astray.
Yet still the moon that glows with love
abides within the all, and thus - in us...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved