So Given

They don't understand
the essence of power.
They wield it, to frighten off
the beasts of self-created hours.

Knowing, somewhere deep inside,
the day would come
when power took
their lives into its hold.

A magical object still lost in the flows
of invisible, yet quintessential meaning.
Myths of man that seared the land.
Beliefs outgrown, the darkness gaining ground.

Shadows leaping in the firelight.
Spirits seeking to command the blight.
Nature swelling, storm clouds dwelling
deep within the passions of their lives.

Lightning's altercations,
as the thunder sounded mightily -
enchanted by pure nature's harmony.
Ripping through the night time sky.
Hark, the haunting darkness held on high.

And there, within the night, their truths
were scattered. Dissipating in the endless wind.
The rage, the sin - became a non-existence.
Feather touch of energy
upon their dried up skin.

Softly drifting in an endless sifting of the soul.
Parched lips that sought the moisture of it all.
Adoring - the sweet tenderness that crept
into the core of flesh, before the fall.

Within each cell, an understanding.
Light at first, then swiftly sinking in.
So much more than any win
could offer as a prize.

Difficult, the path they chose.
Barren hills expanding past their eyes.
Spirits still alive within the blight.
Held within a spore of prophecy.

Unredeemed, they analyzed.
Secretly, they sought a greater prize.
Battle scars that spanned the earthen land.
Eruption dealt with by a greater hand.

The essence of the power -
now retrieved and then released -
spurring beasts to settle in
and love the life so given -
in empathy - as hearts receive
the nourishment they need...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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