Something More

Celtic tales that speak of love.
Man unto a woman unto all.
Seeking yet to live within
a unity of natural appeal.

A fondness that was never
quite revealed in life in time.
For he'd learned to hold
his heart in mystery.

Mind over matter.
His core of belief.
And yet he never
could explain the grief.
As if it festered there
within him, spitting venom.

While She, the great receptacle,
was suffering the undue stress
that his beliefs created.

Mind over matter.
Most arrogant lie.
Seeking for truth
while their greed
gathered nigh.

And yet within this
modern space and time,
there seemed to be
another something missing.
For now, the manly gods
had all been shriven of their
warring powers. Ah behold!
The wisdom of their cherished
birth to form is opening!

As here, on Earth - still lived
within her miracle of life and love -
those stormy clouds were found
to hover somehow over him.
The white light had grown dim.
Yet in his dreams, a great miasma
of pure color seemed to seek
yet something more.

While there, upon a distant shore,
the love once spent was waiting
there for them...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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