Somewhere Deep Within

She was withering from somewhere deep within.
The seeds that he had planted only granted
her another unknown illness. Somehow, she knew
the suffering was his, in its beginning. He, that
claimed the greater reasoning. He - that ran away
from all the greatest of the pain.

Unendurably complete, the sweet and lasting
giving-up she grew into. Beyond the shores of letting go,
she'd come to know another level dwelling. And there,
within the soaring and the sinking, every now and then,
she lived the center's bliss. It never was enclosed
within his kiss. For he never really chose to try
to keep her safe and warm. For him, she was no more
than just another stepping stone. How was it that
the weight of him was growing in her then...?

She knew she was no longer young. And yet she also
knew she hadn't met the great criteria of old. Where once
she had been bold, it seemed his fields of fear were
conquering her when he wasn't there. She tried to sleep,
perchance to find a newborn dream of healing; but
every night he overtook her there. No matter how
she hid, his soul broke through. Conquering what
now could not be new.

And so she found herself in someone else.
Prisoner of promises unkept.
She could not see.  He never wept.
In an ocean of his pain is where she slept.
Withering from somewhere deep within...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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