So Much To Spare

Betwixt and between -
where you really need to be.
You cannot sift the night
into another day of light.

It wasn't meant to be
that way at all.
Perilous, the fall
from manmade heights.

Joyous, all the love
that knows itself to be
the whole of all that is.
Like living in a fantasy
become reality.

Lasting never found its way
into the evermore.
Life and love have ever been
composed of so much more.

Eternity exposed in just one instant.
Lingering beyond the known or seen.
Lying just beyond the sense
of human reasoning.

Betwixt and between -
The need seems obscene.
But you cannot sift the night
into another day of light.
For night will ever fall again.
The cycles will remain
a constancy.

Love and loss. The gain, the cost.
Feelings streaming through eternity.
There never was a yours or mine
within immortal spans of time.
Rather, we all share the glory there.

And still, there is so much to spare.
Within a greater heart that beats
its love into our lives, insistently...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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