So Unlike

Trained to believe in a duty unseen.
Cursed to repeat the most ancient of dreams.
As within them, fate and destiny unfolded.
Expanding their world in its visions, left untold.
Regaining an encryption almost lost.

It mattered not, the cost of their survival.
No matter that it seemed to matter most.
For somewhere, deep within their souls,
they knew beyond all doubt, the sanction
of their living host.

Beliefs were rising, changing form.
Bearing all the truth now being born.
Altered, yet somehow they seemed the same.
Shrinking from the masterminds of times
that only brought more misery.
As if the living ghost of all their inmost
fantasies had risen into solid form, at last.

Denial brought the feeling of forlorn.
Crashing into everything they ever
thought they knew. Expanding in
the particles of sweetness born
within the morning dew. There
was a presence that expanded
into them.

Thought to live beyond the realm
of men and agony. Delving into
secret spaces. Bringing an ignition
of a grace they must perceive.
Within the breeze, a singing spell
that made them seek to dwell
in harmony.

Far away, the wars were raged.
They felt it in their souls. Dying
breaths, too oft' expressed for naught.
Closing in and ringing out, another
variation sought. An opening that
ever lived within and yet without
their fearful thoughts.

Spirits urging, bodies merging.
Heart and soul remembering.
The loving innocence of their
best dreams. Hidden deep.
Arising high. The feelings that
expressed their sighs of flight.

The eagle and the condor meshed.
The seagulls screamed in joyous mist.
The sparrows song came singing strong
in sweet vibrations of the evermore.
The tiny mouse found strength in
waking dreams. The wolves were
howling a great enchantment.

While there, just there, the mother bear,
was nurturing her cubs. Carved within
the instinct of a living mother's love.
Arms of protection that opened so wide,
her progeny were blessed in an ingress
that granted them the world wide.
While lovingly, she left them to
their choice.

So unlike the sweating strain
demanding only duty made
of men...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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