Still Beating

Heart beating 'neath the pain
that hung upon the painted walls.
Cracks and veins, so intricate in pattern.
Tales weeping out of times gone by.
Wars turning all the wisdom to unwise.
Sizzling within the golden light,
unending tales of our human plight.
Breathe them in. The world spins
too quickly through the prism of your mind.

The memories you gave away
are coming back again.
Emotion is a force that always wins.
Will power lost. Control is tossed out
to the brave and ever aching winds.
Sitting in the center, still.
Afraid to dream, afraid to move.
The place you live has been abused,
like you. It's all you have, and yet
the others want to have that too.

The strength inside is all worn out.
You wish that you could scream and shout.
Much better to stay hidden though, you say.
Sitting in a lonely room. Curtains closed.
You live the gloom. One day and night
that drag into the many million others.
Heart beating 'neath the pain upon the walls.
Cracks and veins, from whence the moisture falls.
Tales weeping out of times gone by.

Too much, the strength of all their modern lies.
It doesn't matter if you live or die.
But death stands in the shadows, laughing.
Withholding your last hope of moving on.
You just can't take it anymore.
Your shaking hands unlock the door.
And there the mighty angel spreads its wings.
With flowers that remind you
of the beauty
of the little things in life...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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