Take It In

The sun shone madly in the sky.
Take it in. Insanity is catchy.
Bright light pouring through your soul.
You feel aware somehow of all of being.
It never lasts. The riptide passes on.
Leaving traces of an ancient spell.
Imagery to rise and fall and spin
themselves into the ones we used
to want to trust the most.

The bed-frame was cracked,
for their dreams had been fractured.
The mattress was firm yet diseased.
The table in the dining room was
doing somersaults. The toys
in the attic were playing it for real.
There was a feel of forgiveness
beginning to build in the air.

Within the dark, the many things,
both large and small, began to have
their say. They didn't waste their
precious time in motives of complaint.
They danced and cavorted. Even
as the meld that once had held them
all together was dissolving. The chairs,
all unglued, danced in a frenzied mood.
The couches - worn, disabled - sat
quite still.

The pictures on the wall were stepping
out into the hall. They wondered then,
if any thing could last. Pictures painted
on the walls were pealing off. An ingrained
tree of plaster sent appealing tones as if
it could find one more chance at light.
Fair weather melding into storms.
Another little thing was born.
And yet another died.
She sighed and watched the
midnight sky move on.
Stars and clouds,
the moon outshone the sun.
Just take it in.
Insanity is catchy.
Heredity's too iffy after all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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