Tears Burn

Some tears burn.
They're not the healing kind.
Torn from somewhere deep inside.
Forced into the world before their time.

Some tears burn.
The harmful kind.
Like being wounded by
a jagged peak in someone else's mind.

Some tears burn.
With grief that won't resolve itself.
In loss that just goes on and unresolved.
When even friends refuse to be involved.

Some tears burn.
Scalding hot and leaving scars.
Anguish lived and breathed and multi[plied.
Despair alive just on the other side.

Some tears burn.
A broken heart made real.
A life without the feel of loving moments.
Silence singing achingly into each sleepless night.

Burning strong.
It all went wrong somehow.
And tears could never cry that pain away.
Knowing that he could no longer stay.

Needing him beside her anyway.
Touching close with tenderness.
The way they used to play.
But his tears burned.

A searing strength
that shattered into obstacles.
Walking out for good.
Oh, how tears burn...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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