Fear blasting through the lines
of lightning's power. The internet
was tied to manmade hours
and the terror of their death.
Political, the power that held
the gross division of the whole
within too many power hungry minds.

Marketing techniques that sublimated all
the great and growing tendencies of lust.
And oh, the lies created at such cost.
Lost within the many moments
of their loving hearts' denial. Swift -
the trials of judgment's codemnation.
Benign the wealth of knowledge
that their minds still misinterpreted.

Once numb, the spring of life
had at last come again upon a wealth
of growth. While the feelings
of their guilt and shame imploded
into cells that claimed to be superior.
Misery was sometimes self-induced.
At other times, the herd, the mass of mob,
just kept on running toward the rhythm
and the rhyme of life in motion.

Their terror blasting though the lines -
of copper turned to self-made heights -
terrific in its strength. Yet still, the length
and width must join within the crux
of depth and height. Where, centered
in the quincux, where their minds
at last beheld the one and only
power of eternity, that dwelled
within the center of each heart.

A calm ensued, more bitter news.
It caused them indigestion.
Mortal mind was never wise at all.
Caught within the prison
of their mind's eternal fall,
at last they drifted off to sleep;
where dreams still reached
into eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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