The Darkest Days

The darkest days went by within a haze
of obligations not quite met in time.
His mind abided in a quiet daze
of disappointment.

Deadlines met and headlines read.
Social talk that never touched the heart.
For so long, he had meant to start it over.
His courage drifted off within the hours
of imprisonment he chose to make his home.

He couldn’t keep up with the Jones.
Love songs lost their tone within his ears.
Even lust could not appease his need.
He dwelt within his misery.

Time moving on as age increased.
Beginnings filed as just deceased.
Dreams could not appease his sorrow,
for the morning of the morrow
always came to pass.

Tightening his belt another notch,
he just went on - blindly fighting hell
within the storms that held his soul.
Demons screaming news of his defeat.

Beaten by a shadow spawned
so deep inside of him. Darkness
reaching out to breech the rim.
A tidal wave, the anger cleansed;
alas, it just came back again.

Within dark days that slithered from
the past. He couldn't find a stillness
that would last. Wandering beyond
the mass, he sought but never found
the loving that he chose to leave behind...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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