The Distance of Heaven

Programmed to behave in just one way.
Fettered by a fear of painful punishment.
Their loving male god created sin,
then chose to beat it into them -
on pain of death. Hell-fire waiting
when they didn't learn to tow
the multitude of those imaginary
lines of gross division.

Devastating side-effects of absence
in their lives. Glorifying all the vice
of greedy intellects. Hiding in the center
of a light that burned so bright they
could not see or feel the damage
being done. Cauterized, their hearts
kept bleeding on.

Machines, manmade, created graves.
Cemeteries full to overflowing.
Haunted in the moon and starlight glowing.
Screaming silent agonies of loss.
Not loss of flesh, but of the cost
of never having lived their given freedom.

Creative aspects lingered in the shadows.
Gray on gray until a beam of nature's light
began to dream of them. Prismatic waves
of rainbow hues brought memories
of brighter days, so simple and so true.

Faulty links lived deep within their scientific
programming. Born of the devastating
absence in their lives. A father-figure,
towering in rage. Withdrawal, yet the
fires were ablaze. With all the pain
they felt within his absence. For yet once more,
while playing god, he'd turned away from them...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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