Their Transcendence

Shadows moving - e'er just out of reach.
As if the sides of mortal eyes, could
never quite conceive just what they saw.
What was it there...? Within that sudden
flare of darkness gathering outside
their great electrical enlightenment.

Heaven-sent, another falling star
lit up the silence of the night they'd
never dared to live within the indigo.
Pretending that they never knew the wise.
Twisting all their lies into a massive hue
of greedy luminescence. Fire works
and steel that flies the skies. Why did
they fear to just abide within that space
that held their hearts and souls...?

Time bombs set for dire destruction.
Their precision never brought a resurrection.
The angels wept the beauty of their
utter ignorance - lost but always found
again within the void of feeling they
held down. Perhaps a mind without
the feel of heart must be - the one, true
evil brought to birth by all the thoughts
of their mortality. Minds divided - no -
the heavens and that hell have always,
ever been a unity.

Earth and air and water - fire. Alchemy
has always been alive. To bring the four
into a balance, centering the five to one again.
But don't stop there.  No, don't you dare.
For the seventh of their heaven's height
becomes the evolutionary flight
of their transcendence...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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