The Moon Was There

He touches you.
The fire burns.
The first aid kit is empty.
Touch removed, the ice rebounds again.
And there you lay.
Tingling within another lie.
Lost within the borders of his mind.
Feeling everything that lives between
his pleasure and the pain you bear.
As he withdraws too completely.
Taking part of you with him again.
The part of you that might amend the pain.
The moon was at the full last night.
Insanity lived on within the rain.
You try to draw yourself inside.
You manage to push through
into some other side of life.
But there the ragged edges hang,
weave torn apart again. The parting
made too rough in little time.
And still, your soul unravels into rain.
For he touched you.
And it stuck like glue.
You couldn't pull away.
And so you spent your days
in blue on blue. Reaching
for a peak of blind despair
that always moved yet higher
in the sky. You almost saw him,
riding high in what remained of that
once endless sky. Clouds parted
and the moon was there.
It's silly smile glaring right at you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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