The Neophyte

Tonight is the night
when the veils between
the worlds are finally lifted...

And the magic is proclaimed within reality again.
Emotional and passionate, the energy is breached.
Ah, but don't touch now, my dear. The answer
to the spell is drawing near. No need to fear.
Stand within the safety of the lighted hexagram.
Let the demons taunt and tease. This night
will have an end. Yet listen to the energy
created by their screaming rambling.
Let it fill you full to overflowing.

Little ghosts and goblins
that are flying through the air.
Animation meant to say 'beware.'
Slight shiver up your stiffened spine.
When I, the demon, know that you are mine.
But worry not, the circle of protection is complete.
I promise I won't let them loose
within your haunted dreams.

Dracula, just three feet tall.
Another witch - so small, so small.
Look! The ballerina twirled and fell!
Deep into the waters of the endless wishing well.
Every costume filled with their belief.
In danger of this night without relief.

Tonight is the night.
And the veils have been lifted.
Grains of sand that shift and blend
into an altered, other realm of fear.
Within the twilight zone, the feel
of mystery is ever drawing near.
Come, my little neophyte, and visit us -

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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